Museums Heritage Consultancy provides a range of high quality, tailored, flexible and affordable consultancy services for Museums, Archives and personal collections throughout the India. With a diverse range of hands-on curatorial and management experience across national, local authority and independent museums I have an in-depth understanding of how museums work. I work closely with clients, listening to their requirements, challenges and aspirations and help them to find suitable, affordable and realistic solutions. I also have experience of writing 14 Books which is a proven track record of helping organizations excel through this work.

I’m happy to work with museums, galleries and archives, heritage sites, historic houses, local history societies, local authorities, temples and religious buildings, community groups, colleges and universities, private collections and other organizations involved with the Museums, Archives and personal collection sector.

Improving the Museums visitor experience-
I have over 10 years’ practice in improving the visitor experience, whatever the task or budget. We can help throughout a project or with specific stages: Auditing existing venues; Increasing sales/visits; Defining vision and concept; Developing the visitor offer; Creating content and Applying for funding.
Practical down-to-earth curatorial support for projects of all sizes, including Accreditation applications and returns; Forward planning and organizational development’ Collections management and emergency planning; project management and Training in all the above including supporting museums in AMC and Renaissance roles.

There are many benefits to museums and heritage sites gaining Accreditation. Although it’s a lengthy process, it’s extremely rewarding and reassuring to know that your organization is on the right track and meeting nationally agreed standards, as prescribed by International Council of Museums (ICOM).
I am always in the process of gaining full Accreditation for a number of different sized museums.  I can provide tailored advice and support on all aspects of the Museum Accreditation process, including Forward Planning, Collections Development and Care and Conservation Plans and policies.
I am also an Accreditation Mentor for The improvement of Archives, libraries and have an up-to-date working knowledge of the Accreditation process.

Collections are without doubt the heart of any museum and many personal collections. Finding out what you have, why you have it and knowing what to do with it is often a great challenge for staff and volunteers.
I can help museums understand their collections better, organize and manage their collections to get the most out of them.  This is very much a tailored process to your collection and to your outcomes.  Work could include an audit to check collections are where they are supposed to be, working closely with your team and external experts to help identify those ‘mystery’ objects and providing realistic recommendations for rationalization together with budgets and timescales.

I can assist organizations to source and apply for grants relating to heritage projects. In previous roles, I have been successful with a diverse range of funding, from various grant organizations and charitable foundations for projects. These have included funding for:
Capital projects & refurbishments
Collections conservation projects
Collections storage and environmental monitoring systems
Learning and outreach projects
Temporary exhibitions and events

Having managed many volunteers, and worked as a volunteer myself, I understand how much volunteers can bring to an organization and how they can benefit from giving their time for free. I have had over 10 years’ experience of recruiting, training and motivating volunteers and can provide practical advice and support for all aspects of volunteer work including:

Providing you with best practice guidance on recruitment and induction for volunteers.
Helping your organization to create suitable and specific role descriptions to meet your needs and attract the right person.

I can help your organization retain volunteers through support, motivation and mentoring.
Training volunteers for specific roles or projects is also something I offer. If you have a requirement for training that isn’t listed, please contact me to discuss.

I can help you devise a volunteering policy that is appropriate to the size and needs of your organization.

I have over 10 years curatorial experience working in various types of museums with different collections including social and cultural history, archives, archaeology, oral history and archives.  In my past roles, I have curatorial experience in national, local authority and independent museums.
The traditional role of a museum curator has evolved to encompass a much wider range of skills and competencies.  A good deal of my experience is as a multi-skilled curator, having a broad and practical understanding of various tasks within a museum environment, from documenting a variety of collections using different systems, marking and labelling objects, answering enquiries, creating exhibitions from scratch as well as organizing and running events.  I currently volunteer at Gandhi Research Foundation, Jalgaon- A International Museum, assisting with documentation backlogs and inputting records onto ‘Modes Complete’, which I thoroughly enjoy!
Drawing from all my expertise as a freelance museum consultant, I provide practical and up-to-date curatorial support for all aspects of museum work including exhibitions and events, research, collections management and care.  I am quick to learn on my feet, can hit the ground running and provide a flexible, tailored and affordable service.

I work with history societies, trustees, historic houses and private individuals to support them with practical and reliable start-up advice and support for setting up a museum and caring for a collection from scratch.
I can help with the following:
Putting into place good practice policies and procedures
Getting to grips with managing and caring for your collection
Setting up and managing displays for the first time
Volunteer management
First time Accreditation applications
Finding funding for your project
Being a mentor or critical friend
Stakeholder engagement and consultation
I also work closely with a consultant who specialises in governance and setting up archives and personal collections.
Please contact me if there is something not on the list which you would like to discuss with me. If I can’t help you myself, I work with a number of trusted consultants who, between them offer a wide range of services to the Museum and Heritage sector.

I deliver a variety of training sessions for staff, volunteers and trustees on various aspects of museums and heritage.  Training sessions are tailored to your needs and objectives. Please talk to me if you have an idea for a training session.

This course looks at the basics of social media and how using social media (whether it be Facebook, Twitter or others) can boost your audience numbers and organisation’s profile.

This practical session can be tailored to new volunteers, trustees or staff who want to understand the basics of collections management.  I can cover some or all of the Spectrum primary procedures listed below.
Object entry
Location and movement control
Object exit
Loans in and out
Retrospective documentation

Thinking of embarking upon an oral history project and don’t know where to start? This hands-on training session will enable you to understand how to record people’s memories, how to store, transcribe and edit those memories, and how to document and care for them for future generations to enjoy.

Activity planning
We work with you to explore all aspects of audience-facing activity and how your organization can best deliver the planned activities. Activity plans typically cover training, volunteering, heritage learning and participation, as well as events, interpretation and public access. Our activity plans are designed to meet Museums Fund requirements while providing practical documents that you can use to inform future planning.

Consultation and evaluation: We can develop and undertake tailored consultation exercises and project evaluations. We undertake a wide range of consultation activities including community events, focus groups, consultation surveys and stakeholder interviews. Our project evaluations focus on measuring success against key outcomes, using both qualitative and quantitative data. We can also work with you to develop evaluation and consultation strategies.

Interpretation and exhibitions development: We undertake research and content creation for interpretative displays and can develop interpretation plans to support new projects or funding bids. We can also act as project managers and curatorial advisors for your exhibition project, managing relationships with designers and builders and overseeing the installation process.

Curatorial advice and conservation management planning: Our breadth of experience in the heritage industry, including substantial work listed buildings, Scheduled Ancient Monuments and museums, enables us to offer comprehensive and up-to-date curatorial input into your project. We can also develop conservation management plans exploring heritage significance

Current Museums Projects:-

1.International Jain Philosophy Museum, Kamshet
2.Bharatratna Maharashi Karve Museum, Pune
3.Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil & Mahatma Gandhi Joint Study Centre, Satara
4.Kai. Pramod Mahajan History Museum and Research Centre, Osmanabad
5.Karmaveer Mamasaheb Jagdale Museum, Barshi Dist. Solapur
6.Indian Education Heritage Museum, Nashik
7.Historical Museum and Research Centre, Dombivali, Dist. Thane
8.Balgandhrva Study and Research Centre, Jalgaon
9.Shivneri Archaeological, Historical Museum and Research Centre, Jalgaon
10.Chhtrapati Shahu Historical Museum and Research Centre, Latur
11.Maharashtra Udaygiri Historical Museum, Udgir
12.Khadi Museum, Raj Bhavan, Gangtok, Sikkim


MHCS- Museums Heritage Consultancy Services

Based in Jalgaon, just 50 minutes from world heritage site Ajanta, I am perfectly situated to work throughout the whole of the India and welcome enquiries both small and large, from near and far. You can call me on 09405048556 or fill out the feedback form. Whatever your requirements, I’d love to hear from you.

Surya Apartment, Near Rotary Bhavan, Mahabal, Jalgaon, Maharashtra-425001
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