About Us

This site is part of Indian Museums Heritage, a research oriented programme led by Researcher. Indian Museums Heritage is a long term arts and culture initiative to build new creative connections in new ways between the people of India and Museums. It will be builds on the complete survey method on the basis of ICOM norms and will try to making a strong network for Museums will become as a Public Movement.

A number of key themes emerged from that research:

  • The importance of the relationship being an equal partnership
  • The huge opportunities — and relative lack of cultural engagement by the India outside of the some main metro cities
  • The potential for digital technologies to transform the cultural relationship
  • The valuable opportunities for both countries to learn from each other: reciprocity is key to the success of the programme.

The overall aim of Maharashtra Museums Heritage is to increase the reach and impact by engaging appropriately with all 35 Districts of Maharashtra and establishing links with different regions of it. This will be achieved through research and insight, exchanges, collaborative projects, digital media and delivering programmes in partnership.

The idea of this research on museums germinated during the Strategic Transformation of 21st Century Museums Conference held in Delhi and Kolkata, organised by the Indian Ministry of Culture, attended by museums professionals from across India and a delegation from abroad Countries. In separate conversations it became evident that to enable understanding and development of new and sustainable connections between public and Indian museums it was necessary to map the contemporary museums landscape in both India and the abroad as nothing akin was available. The aim of this research on museums, and it is in essence work-in-progress, is therefore to map the landscape — looking at collections, policies, funding, human resources, education programming, audience profiling and international priorities in India.

Our team is dedicated for this purpose forever and we are in search of persons and institutions like minded in this.